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Frank Jircik, MD

Internists & Family Medicine located in Burleson, TX

Dr. Frank Jircik is a Board Certified physician who specializes in internal medicine and the treatment of dementia. The doctor and his staff serve residents from many Texas communities, including Burleson.

Dementia Q & A

What are Common Signs of Dementia?

There are four main areas in which subtle changes can be indicators that a person may be experiencing the first signs of dementia. Struggling to talk or find the right words to convey what they want to say is one of the first signs. If a person has trouble communicating in ways in which they were normally quite adept, there may a be a problem. The inability to work through a problem or find their way around an obstacle is also a sign of dementia. Another common sign is the ability to remain focused on the task at hand. If a person continually has problems remembering what they are doing or how to do something they have done for several years, dementia may be the cause.

How is Dementia Treated?

Dementia has no cure. While there is no way to stop the forward progression of the disease, the speed with which it takes control of the mind can be dramatically slowed with the use of medications. Early diagnosis is the key to maintaining the longest possible amount of normalcy. The later into the disease the diagnosis is made, the less likely it is that the medications will be able to provide any type of relief. Although the condition cannot be stopped or cured, the rest of the body can remain in good health for several years. It is important to make the patient as comfortable as possible and allow them to maintain their dignity. Proper care can include round the clock supervision and hands on care when it comes to personal matters.

At What age is Dementia Normally Diagnosed?

Most people think of dementia as a health condition that only affects the elderly. While in many situations this may be true, dementia may begin to cause symptoms in people who are in their early 60s. There may be rare instances when the first signs and symptoms of dementia begin to appear as early as the mid-40s. This is often the result of repeated head injuries or if a person has experienced or been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Individuals who are in relatively good health may not experience symptoms or receive a dementia diagnosis until they have reached their 70s or 80s.