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Obesity And Weight Loss

Frank Jircik, MD

Internists & Family Medicine located in Burleson, TX

Dr. Frank Jircik and his staff offer patients effective treatment options when it comes to obesity and weight loss. The doctor serves residents who live in the Burleson, Texas area.

Obesity and Weight Loss Q & A

When is a Person Considered to be Obese?

A person is considered to be obese if their body weight exceeds more than 20 percent of what is medically acceptable for their height. A person's body mass index, or BMI, is also used. If a person's BMI exceeds 29 or 30 percent, a person is considered to be obese. A BMI measurement can be inaccurate, however. Individuals who have an excessive amount of muscle mass will have a higher BMI reading than someone who carries an average amount of muscle. The amount of muscle a person carries will be determined by their body type as well as their level of physical activity. Individuals who are extremely active will have more muscle tone than individuals who spend most of their time sitting down or performing light duty.

Why are Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plans Beneficial?

When it comes to obesity and weight loss, enlisting the aid of a doctor can make the process go much smoother. A medically supervised weight loss plan is built around the exact needs of the patient. This type of weight loss plan takes into consideration any existing health problems the patient may have, as well as any areas that may need extra attention. Plans include nutritional support through the use of a well-balanced diet and nutritional supplements. Exercise programs are created according to the patient's current level of fitness and are adapted as weight is lost. The doctor carefully monitors the patient's progress, making any changes that are needed to help the patient maintain good health.

Who can Benefit From a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Plan?

Anyone can benefit from a medically supervised weight loss plan. Medically supervised weight loss plans are especially beneficial for individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose and have special health considerations that must be taken into account. A person who has little knowledge of how the body works or who has had no training when it comes to diet and exercise can begin to incorporate healthier lifestyle choices into their daily routines. Obesity and weight loss are serious business. Losing weight with the help of a doctor will provide the patient with a plan for efficient weight loss while reducing their risk of injury or other health concerns.